Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What I purchased in L.A

Here are some of the lovelies I bought in The City of Angels:

Big silk flower ala Carrie Bradshaw. (The Fug Girls call Patricia Field's styling "A Shock and Awe Campaign" but I always loved the massive flowers and the absurd ensembles on Sex and the City. It was just so fun and happy!)

Mini harmonica necklace from The New Stone Age. That shop was just magical- they had the most beautiful pair of grey doves with lovely yellow eyes that just cooed and sighed as we looked around. There was no music at all beside those sounds. There were also bowls full of tiny white seashells with delicate rainbow stripes, Mexican Wedding Garlands festooning the rafters and giant sparklers at least two feet long. I showed great restraint.

Ticket to Duplicity. My adoration for Clive Owen has been well documented, but E and I held off on seeing this because we weren't sure it would actually be good. It totally was. I think we may go again so he can see it too. Great fun.

Cheerful stripey dress from H&M. (Sheesh do I love that place!)

Three mini cupcakes from Dots in Pasadena. I like the idea of trying three flavors for the same calorie count as ONE giant cupcake, don't you? (P.S) Jack Donaghy claims the cupcake fad is over (in New York they've moved back to doughnuts apparently), but I have my doubts. I mean, they are both tasty and adorable and can be dressed about a thousand different ways. That has all the makings of a sickeningly lifelong love affair in my mind.)


Alana @ The Good Girl Gone Blog said...

I absolutely ADORE that big pink flower! So fun. I have a few similar ones used to keep my curtains open :)

abby said...

harmonica necklace! whoa. i want one. :)

Simply Sarah said...

Tell E to bust out his yuke and play along with your harmonica! PS have you ever seen Greenfingers--great flick and Clive Owen is quite dapper in his jail scrubs!

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