Friday, April 17, 2009

Vintage Dishtowels Are So Pretty.

Check out the lovelies I just scored on E-bay! (Suck it Anthropologie and your wanna be vintage dishtowels that cost $20 a piece and fall apart after being washed twice!) I've moved on to a stack of actual linen for $20 shipped. And never going back.

This one is definitely my favorite. This perfectly captures the playful spirit I strive for in my illustrations. To the good life of cognac, coffee and a bowl of pretty nuts!


Mintagehome said...

I too love the old dish towels, they are the work horses of our kitchen. We do use paper towels, so I wash mine a lot. They hold up so well. Nice score!

melinda said...

how jealous am I?
the bottom one is my favorite.
it's true the original one's last longer, my grandma still has some from the 60's she uses.

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