Thursday, April 02, 2009

Paper Egg Cups for your Easter Party!

Do you ever hoard something strange, knowing an idea will come to you eventually? Well that's me with T.P rolls. I'd been saving them inexplicably and then- WHAM- the disposable egg cup idea came to me like a lightning bolt! Here's how to make your own for your Easter get together.

You will need:

T.P or paper towel rolls, decorative paper (I used crepe paper ruffles made with the help of the sewing machine), scissors, ribbons and/or lace, and your trusty glue gun.

First, snip that T.P roll in half.

Now give it a good thick line of hot glue. (If you are using craft paper, you could simply trim it to fit and scotch tape the ends together.)

Firmly press the crepe paper down, ruffling as you go!

Now, add another line of glue and attach ribbon or embellishments of your choice. Trim away excess paper.
Ta da! Now you have some party worthy egg cups that you won't mind tossing after the party is over. Wouldn't these make adorable place cards? Just write your guests' names on hard boiled eggs with a fine tipped marker. It will certainly set the mood for an egg-cellent party! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Be sure to let me know how yours turn out!


raina said...

Another thing to do with TP rolls is give them to Otis to shred to bits!

Rio loves nothing more than shredding TP rolls!

The Fab Miss B said...

I'll be sure to give that a go- I had no idea!

Diana said...

This is such a cute idea! thanks for sharing!!

Vanessa said...

Sooo cute!! said...

These are so precious!!! Love the idea. Im not very good at crafts but these steps seem easy enough for me to pull it off! :) thanks for sharing

-Hana @

Adam said...

great idea .appreciate it

flaming coppercat said...

ooooo! lovely :)

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