Thursday, April 09, 2009

Flora's Garden Cocktail Party!

Flora is throwing a garden cocktail party this afternoon so she and her girlfriends can welcome Spring at long last! (Everyone just adored the invitations!)

Flora totes this pretty bag as she runs around town making last minute preparations. She has a pedicure (hot pink!), buys armloads of peonies, poppies and ranunculus for the centerpieces at the farmer's market and picks up the hors d'oeuvres. (Deviled eggs and teeny tiny hamburgers, if you must know!)

She decorates the backyard with this festive garland and loads of pink and orange lanterns. And all those gorgeous flowers she bought this morning too!

This lovely fabric serves as an impromptu tablecloth! There, doesn't that look nice?

She puts out the wildly bold cookies on the cutest little floral plates.

And she makes a station where her guests can server themselves the generously spiked lemonade in pretty morning glory glasses.

Ice, chips, pretzels and nuts must each be served in it's appropriately labeled tin, naturellement!)

Now that the garden is all set up, she goes and slips on her party dress. (Check out that bow in the back! A real showstopper, isn't she folks?)

She chit chats with her guests over a few friendly hands of gin rummy.

And the winner gets to take home this cheerful little clutch (the lucky duck!) I think everyone had a lovely time! Merci Flora! (To relive the party, visit it live on Etsy here before it expires and all the others here.


Special No-No said...

OMG! You are Fab, Miss B! I love the sweet story- I'm inspired to have a little party now. Thanks for putting me in the treasury and for pointing me the way to your adorable blog!

Lisa B. said...

This is just the best post! So darned really does make me want to have a garden party. Totally puts me in the mood to get our this weekend and get my yard ready for spring!! Thanks:-)

Hey Harriet said...

What an adorable post! I just popped over here after admiring your sweet treasury :)

Panoptica said...

I'd love to go!!! Hehehehe...

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