Thursday, April 23, 2009

Au Revoir Folies Bergere!

When I heard that the Folies Bergere show at the Tropicana was closing, I begged Eric to take me to see one of their last ever performances. (Heartbreakingly, no photos allowed, hence my silly illustration!) Old fashioned revues like this one are out of fashion, with Cirque Du Soleil ruling the Strip. The Folies closing was blamed on lagging ticket sales.

There is no doubt that Follies Bergere was both cheesy and quaint. It really felt as though we'd stepped back in time to 1945 when no one had to apologize about objectifiying women and decorating them to look like exotic birds, Jello Molds or elaborate chandeliers. The M.C was ludicrously creepy, in a sadly baggy tuxedo. He made me pine for the Mad Men era when it would have been cool to have a job like his.

But I have to admit, I enjoyed every second of the dancing. Each costume was more preposterous and outrageous than the last- outlandish use of feathers, tulle, sequins, rhinestones and faux pearls were on display in every scene. I can't imagine what it must take to do costume changes for fifteen to twenty, sweaty, preening showgirls every three minutes for an hour and a half, but there must be an incredible system- not unlike a pit stop at the Indy 500.

You can still see an old fashioned revue starring nearly naked women in feather headdresses right here, but Vegas won't be the same without the original Folies Bergere. Au Revoir Mademoiselles!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like I would have loved this show...I'm so bummed that it closed!

Do you think Jubilee is worth seeing? (I'm visiting Vegas in a few weeks and we were looking for something burlesque-y to see, though Jubilee looks more old-school showgirly.)

The Fab Miss B said...

Hiya Tiki Chick! If you come to Vegas, Jubilee is about as close as it gets to old school showgirls now that the Folies has closed. However, I hear that Forty Deuce has some great old school inspired burlesque. (I haven't been yet so can't vouch personally. Here's the website:

Check out the vegas guide I wrote for Design Sponge- I'm sure there are lots of things you'll want to check out. Don't miss the Neon Museum!

Love your blog and your Hawaiian style. So much fun!



Anonymous said...

Yes, that's how I found your sweet blog! I also added a few of my Vegas faves to the thread. :)

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