Monday, March 09, 2009

Jessica de Ruiter: Give me a Wardrobe Makeover!

Jessica de Ruiter first entered my consciousness through this photo on street fashion blog Super Fantastic Picture Time. Though I didn't know who she was, I loved her effortlessly cool look; casual, elegant, totally understated- especially that tousled waist length wavy blonde hair!

Then I saw a feature on her in the final issue of Domino. She's a stylist, and her portfolio is full of the same beachy, breezy looks that she likes to wear.

I feel like her sensibility is the perfect antidote to the overly made up, overly coiffed, super uptight perfection that Hollywood usually demands/produces. And it looks like she's worked with one of my favorite bands on multiple occasions.

Give me these relaxed, bohemian, Southern California looks any day of the week. Another plus? She's carrying the same simple over sized leather clutch in both pictures. You can't get more anti-Rachel Zoe than that.

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Marte Marie Forsberg said...

Don't you just adore her style?
I came across her wedding images that I posted about on my blog, and was absolutely swept off my feet by her soft cool and classically modern effortless style:)
I like your blog too:)

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