Saturday, November 01, 2008

Twenty Questions with Efine Gifts

I am so excited about today's interview. Even though its a little tough to discern the changes of season here in Las Vegas, the stores are gearing up for Christmas and I'm starting to think about gift ideas and decorations. There is no one better to get us inspired for the Holidays than Marc of Efine Gifts. This gem of a shop is brimming with wonderful vintage Christmas items all year long.

Miss B: Tell us a little about you. Is your Etsy shop a hobby, a profession or a happy marriage of both? Do you have a brick and mortar store anywhere, or other websites we can visit?

Marc: Selling holiday decor is a full-time + business. During the fall, it's about 70 hours a week. We do not have a brick and mortar store. Our very own web site is coming soon!

Miss B: What inspired you to start EFineGifts?

Marc:We heard about Etsy from a friend, took a peek and opened our shop the same day. We love the look and feel of Etsy and the ease of making a listing. The best thing about Etsy is the people....absolutely the best!

Miss B: How/Why did you begin collecting vintage items?

Marc:We began collecting vintage holiday in an attempt to get the look of the Christmas trees we remembered as children. Mom gave us some ornaments and we bought some at yard sales. We bought a few new things each year (which are now vintage!) that were made in West Germany, East Germany, Poland and Italy.

Miss B: What appeals to you about vintage items?

Marc:They remind us of how it feels to be a child at Christmas time. Christmas is a magical time for children and each piece brings a smile and a happy memory.

Miss B: How did you end up specializing in vintage holiday d├ęcor?

Marc:"Collect and sell what you love" is the best advice we have received.

Miss B: What does your house look like at Christmas?

Marc:At Christmas, our house is filled with trees, mostly feather trees, but also a couple of noble firs and a tinsel tree that holds our collection of 50's and 60's "sputnik" ornaments. There is always at least one feather tree year round. After Christmas, a white feather tree holds vintage glass hearts and other Valentine themed ornaments. A St. Patick's Day tree comes next, followed by an Easter tree, a 4th of July tree, the Halloween trees, then our most recent addition, a Thanksgiving-themed feather tree and then it's Christmas again.

Miss B: Do you choose items for your shop that you love or that you feel will sell?

Marc:If we don't love it, we don't buy it.

Miss B: Your images are really incredible. How do you achieve such stunning photos? Do you shoot with a light box? What kind of camera do you use? Any advice you can offer to newbies on making better photographs?

Marc:We almost always use a light box when doing our photo shoots. The best advice we can offer for newbies is always, always use a tripod. You'll be glad you did. And a plain, flat background.

Miss B: I feel like ninety percent of a successful vintage shop is good curating. Your shop really has the feel of a beautiful collection, where all the parts complement and build on one another. How did you achieve that?

Marc:Our shop is our collection. Most of what we sell comes from our personal collection.

Miss B: What are your favorite ways to promote your shop?

Marc:Promotion is one area that we haven't had time to explore, so for now, it's pretty much word of mouth.

Miss B: Which other Etsy sellers (or artists/designers) do you admire and why?

Marc:There are so many talented artists on Etsy, it is hard to choose. Take a look at our favorites. We especially love looking at all the wonderful photographs. It's like walking through an art gallery.

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