Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fabulous Pearls

One of my last purchases before we left China was this lovely necklace of seed pearls. I had a single strand, a gift my grandparents’ visit to China in the early nineties. It had broken and I initially planned simply to have it re-strung. But as I was looking through the options in the market, I knew I had to have this much more dramatic version. They strung it for me while Eric and I paid one last visit to the tailor, in less than an hour. I’ve been wearing it constantly, even though we are out in the middle of nowhere.

I like the feel of pearls against my skin- they warm up and feel so smooth. And I’m told that they benefit from the oils on your skin in a way other jewelry doesn’t. I like the clasp too- it reminds me of the barrel of a gun. All told, this beauty was about fifteen dollars. I’m definitely going to miss Shenzhen.


agoodwitchtoo said...

That is quite a gorgeous necklace! I'd wear it everywhere too! To the grocery store, to get my oil changed... and just to lounge around the house in! I bet it would look great with pyjamas :)

Paris Atelier said...

Hello, thank you for your lovely comment! I just checked out your site & it is incredible. Thank you for sharing! PS I love those pearls...I've always been a sucker for seed pearls. I will check back often! Thanks again!
Paris Atelier

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