Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Button Joy

During one of my last visits to my beloved Unique Thrift Store in Minnesota (the sheer size of the place is breathtaking and I rarely leave without spending two hours and at least $20) I came upon a sack of buttons. I love finding craft supplies at the thrift store because they are sure to be kooky and special and infinitely superior to anything one might find at Vile Michaels.

I bought them despite the rather steep $9.50 price tag and have been duly rewarded for my faith. After two days of sorting I’ve matched at least 24 sets of gorgeous, hand carved mother of pearl buttons. The only trouble now is that I feel like they are almost too gorgeous to use! I think they deserve to be used as actual buttons instead of just embellishments. I think I’ll begin by replacing all the plastic buttons in my wardrobe with these twinkly little beauties. Any suggestions?


Hattie said...

Oooo, Becky, do it! Make all your crappy buttons go bye-bye and use pretties! ;-) My beloved grandmother collected buttons. My mom uses them to embellish her fancy felted hats. They look gorgeous. But I like your idea! ;-)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for visiting my BLOG.....I love buttons too. Fun,fun!

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