Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Budget Art How To

Oh how I missed thrifting while we were abroad. And if we’d spent the winter in rural New Mexico, I’d have missed it there too. Luckily, Vegas is swimming in thrift shops, and I’ve been scouring them.

One of my favorite budget decorating secrets is to find frames at thrift stores and then cut the mats yourself. A one hundred dollar investment in a good mat cutter will make cutting your own mats a cinch and will save you on nightmarishly (and needlessly) expensive custom framing.

I also love the idea of framing cool note cards. You can easily find greeting cards (which are essentially a miniature high quality print) for $3 to $5 dollars. I scored a whole box of these Charlie Harper note cards on sale for $8 at Anthropologie.

Then I got really lucky and found three frames with nice clean mats at Goodwill.

I simply replaced the cheesy maid prints with these cool birds by Charlie. A little Windex and Voila- Instant office art for a total cost of $16.

I'm feeling inspired already.

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