Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Chat with Sandmaiden

Today I am chatting with Amanda of Sandmaiden. I initially discovered her beautiful pajamas, lingerie and lounge wear on Etsy's Valentines Day gift guide and for me, it was love at first click. I've featured her work before (first here and then here), so I was thrilled when she agreed to do a mini interview.

Miss B: What is the best thing about life in Seattle?

Amanda: Well, we moved here because I love the adorable little craftsmen houses and gardens but I am still just getting to know the city now.

Miss B:I just love how your creations are pretty and feminine, without being overdone or trying too hard. They just look so utterly relaxed, soft and comfortable. Where can we see your beautiful line in person?

Amanda: I am very busy with my etsy store so do very little wholesale but have one small shop in Kansas and one in California that carry the line.

Miss B:How/Why did you begin sewing?

Amanda: My mother sewed when I was little, ever since I was old enough to reach the peddles she would let me use her scraps to make things for myself and since we didn't have much money growing up by the time I was in high school I was making almost all of my clothes or revamping vintage clothing.

Miss B:What appeals to you about garment making?

Amanda: I just enjoy the process of discovering how different fabrics, applications and cutting react together, I liken it to being a scientist. It's also very gratifying to watch something come to life in your hands.

Miss B:Ten years in the fashion industry sounds so glamorous! Did you enjoy the work?

Amanda: I did enjoy working out there in the industry, I learned a lot and met some really interesting and wonderful people..sometimes it was glamorous but day to day it was lots of taking care of details and problem solving (which is what i enjoyed about it).

Miss B:What inspired you to start Sandmaiden?

Amanda: I have never been able to find enough quality pj's and lingerie for around the house. In the past when I've been given or purchased a pair of beautiful pajamas they provided so much joy to me, I just couldn't get enough and wanted to share my joy.

Miss B:It seems like so many women begin their own businesses with an eye to juggling work and family commitments. Does Sandmaiden allow you more time with your family?

Amanda: Yes, it allows me to work around my daughter, my husband and hopefully my new baby when she arrives...this is a huge draw for me. I also just really like being at home and working alone even if it means longer hours and less money, I love every minute of it.

Miss B:What inspires you when designing and sewing?

Amanda: Usually things I see on the street, here in Seattle though fashion is not a priority so I've taken to finding inspiration back in Canada when I visit and some online European shops.

Miss B:Tell us about your most fabulous target customer. What is she like?

Amanda: Well, anyone who appreciates natural fibers and likes to purchase I suppose. I meet very few of my customers in person so don't know too much about who they are but I do know they are all sizes and from all over the world.

Miss B:Do you create items for your shop that you love or that you feel will sell?

Amanda: I create both but they are two different things! Usually the more basic pieces sell much better than the ones I fall in love with but I think the special pieces draw people into the shop - at least I hope so.

Miss B:I noticed that you are committed to eco friendly materials and socially conscious production. What is your model for making products that fit that ideal?

Amanda: Well, I do make everything myself and try to treat myself right so there is one thing. I try to support local mills if I can find the fabric (the USA is very limited) and other small businesses, both with my business and personally. Using natural fibers is just a preference of mine, it's better for the environment and the women wearing them and people are, after all, part of the environment too.

Miss B:Which other artists/ designers/craftspeople do you admire and why?

Amanda: Wow, there are so many! Being on Etsy everyday I am constantly exposed to different artists and craftspersons. The folks making beauty products with essential oils and natural ingredients tend to fascinate me the most but there is also a huge wealth of jewelery and just about everything you can think of on Etsy.


Lily - Tulip's Talking from the said...

Great feature MissB! Love all of the items you chose to feature too. Did you notice the team seems to be talking "purple" these days?


roseworksjewelry said...

Wonderful interview!

BeadedTail said...

What a great interview! Thanks for introducing me to Sandmaiden!

storybeader said...

great interview! She really looks to be accomplished in what she does. And her pieces are so! attractive.

Edi said...

Great Job MissB!!!
Can't wait to see the next interview :)

Miss B said...

Thanks for taking a peak everybody. I'm currently sending out more interview inquiries with my favorite sellers, so stay tuned! I'm thinking about adding my favorite bloggers to the mix as well, so there is plenty of new material afoot.

Flights of Whimzy said...

Oh Miss B! What a great choice. I'm putting this shop on my Christmas list. I'm sure Hub will enjoy picking from that shop!


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