Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wanted: A Quiet Silent Rich Happy Place

Dearest Readers,

Sometimes I hesitate to give up to the minute details on our future plans because they are in constant flux. Each new iteration differs (sometimes slightly, sometimes wildly) from the last. I worry that you'll think we are total flakes. But the great thing about bohemian way we live is that the path always seems to rise up to meet us.

We are looking for a "quiet, silent, rich, happy place" to settle in. We would very much like to buy a home, but first need to explore possible locales and save money. We are considering such disparate places as Maine, Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado and even Belize. We'd like to spend time living in some of these places before making the commitment of buying property there. A caretaker-ship or seasonal rental seems like one possible solution.

We'd like the place to be remote or rural, so we can spend time reading, writing, cooking and observing nature. Eric is beginning a job search, he's thinking a job in a small micro brewery would educate him in a business he's long been interested in. I will spend my time growing this blog, writing, and (together with my talented husband) launching an internet business to sell my artwork, greeting cards and vintage finds. I have a lot of faith in the idea that by "following our bliss" we will be surprised and rewarded with the kind of riches that have nothing to do with money.

I'm posting this with the hope that your thoughts, suggestions or connections will help bring us nearer to this quiet, silent, rich, happy place we are dreaming about. Maybe your world and ours will dovetail in some beautiful way...

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