Monday, August 25, 2008

Long Jumpers and Why we Watch.

Our tickets to the Women's Athletics competition were by far the best seats of our Olympic experience. And I still didn't get very good sports pictures. Its way tough people!

We watched the javelin throw from across the stadium, but when the long jump rolled around, our seats were prime territory. Coaches, parents, siblings and boyfriends crowded in to cheer these ladies on, and heavens to Betsy, where they ever hot! They were in amazing shape- all of them had six packs and sinewy model legs. It was very cool to watch in person, especially how each athlete's personality comes shining through in the heat and focus of competition. I must also confess that I adored the automated raker that smoothed the sand after each jumper- sort of the same principle as that automatic cat poo scooper they sell on infomercials, but without the ick factor.

The Bird's Nest itself is an incredible piece of sculpture masquerading as a stadium. Watching the oval of sunlight make its way across the field reminded me of a sundial, which made me think of time passing and ancient Greece and the ideal of constantly evolving human achievement the Games themselves stand for. It's why we watch.

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