Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beijing: Eating things on Sticks at Dong Huamen Night Market

We paid the inevitable visit to Beijing's Night Market. Billed as a snack street, its really just overpriced street food for tourists. We sampled some because, well, we're tourists. Here are the boys trying some spicy mutton.

This fruit kebab was coated in carmelized sugar. It was incredible- crunchy, sweet and somehow light and refreshing. The one I tried had melons, crabapples, tomatoes, pineapple, but the best was the plum. The tart fruit complemented the crunchy sugar so well. Delicious!

We also sampled a sort of Chinese burrito made with pulled pork, bean sprouts and plum sauce all wrapped up in a paper thin pancake (yum!). We had fried shrimps, squid (chewy-ugh!) dumplings with vinegar sauce and washed it all down with some very expensive beer. Then we strolled around peering into shops and digesting. All in all, a lovely night.

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Wyles Style said...

Yum!! That fruit kebob has my mouth watering!!!

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