Friday, August 15, 2008

Adventures in English: Delicious Apple Pice

You know how they print world series champion t-shirts for both sides so they are on hand immediately after the big game? Well, the losing team's shirts often get shipped off to the third world, so Eric has long held hopes of tracking down a few for ironic comic effect. While we never came across any dramatically misprinted sports moments, there are no shortages of typo filled garments in Asia.

This one reads "Apple Pice! Baked cheesecake, short cake, chocolate cake, fruLts cake. All friends!" The back inexplicably reads "Pull BEAMS!"

The other gem says "Love, Sing, Nalk, Lough! Four leaved clover."

Ah, China. I never tire of your bewildering, earnest and completely endearing attempts at English. I'll wear these with pride.


tangata said...

o i love this!!

Wyles Style said...

OMG how funny! I'd wear it with pride too! What a crack up!

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