Wednesday, July 09, 2008

DIY: Party Banner

This idea is far from original, but I was so happy with the completed version that I had to share...

You will need:

Card stock circles (You could certainly buy card stock, trace a coffee can lid and cut them all out, but I bought mine at Paper Source for something a little quicker)
Grommet Hole punch
Grommets/Grommet tool and Hammer (you could skip this if you only want to use your banner once and don't mind it looking a tad unfinished)
Glue Stick (I used the Martha Stewart Glue pen from vile Michaels and it was a dream to use)
Glitter (I used two colors for contrast and I think the extra fine variety looks more sophisticated. Again, the Martha Stewart line at vile Michael's has a wonderful selection of more muted colors)
Lots of ribbon for hanging

First, punch holes near the top of each circle.

Then, insert the grommet and use the grommet tool and hammer to gently tap it flat.

Now use your glue stick to write the letters and apply the glitter.

To finish, string the circles onto the ribbon. Ta Da! (Have you ever noticed what a long word Congratulations really is?)

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