Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Omaha! (Wedding Fleurs)

We're still coming down from our whirlwind weekend, but I wanted to post some pictures from Mike and Maggie's happy day. Everything came together beautifully and it was one of those weddings where everyone is riotously happy-even the brief rain shower couldn't dampen the party.

The simple daisy bouts and corsages had sprigs of rosemary that gave off a wonderful fragrance. We tied orange grosgrain ribbons to the corsages for a little dash of color.

The bridesmaids wore whatever they liked, and they all looked so pretty!

I loved Maggie's dress. Perfect for a simple country wedding, but still fashion forward enough for a hipster like her. Her best friend did her hair and added some daisies at the last moment. She looked beautiful.

This was Maggie's bouquet, though I wish I'd snapped a photo before the June sun had its way. She chose daisies, astors (which look like mini daisies), spider mums, gerbera daisies and we snipped some hosta leaves from her parents garden to make the collar.

We had some extras so we made these wildflowery looking pieces for the gift table.

Your faithful blogger and company, signing off for now.

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