Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mother's Day is on its way!

I bought this card for my mom ages ago. The image is by Jessie Wilcox Smith and it reminded me of all the many many hours my mom spent reading to me. We read together all through my teenage years too. We just moved on to novels and memoirs. Our adventures in the pages of The Hobbit and All Creatures Great and Small are some of my most treasured moments with her.

The card is by Laughing Elephant. This company is a great resource for all things Art Deco. Not only do they have a lovely selection of greeting cards, they also sell these pretty French Notebooks, perfume bottle stickers and vintage Japanese luggage labels. Although they are a wholesale company, you can place orders directly on their website. Go find something pretty for Mom!


Colorfuldayz said...

Your post made me smile. I have an 11 YO, and we spend a LOT of time reading. I plan on reading with her until the day she leaves for college. Hopefully her memories will be as wonderful as your's.

storybeader said...

sounds like my good memories, also. Nice image!

Miss B said...

Colorfuldayz, I'm so glad to hear that you and your daughter still read together. She will treasure it!

Happy Mother's Day!


Serendipity Collections said...

I LOVE your card! It reminds me of my mom too! Thanks for sharing your lovely memories!


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