Sunday, May 25, 2008

Adventures in English: The Grocery Store

A trip to the grocery store is quite the experience. One gets a sense for what it might be like to be illiterate since one can't make sense of the labels. At first we entered sensory overload immediately upon entering the grocery store, but we've become slightly more accustomed to it over time.

These are fruits preserved with a very sulpheric tasting chemical. I think its interesting to note that these come in small jars, where in the U.S dehydrated fruit would almost always come in a resealable bag. No doubt some Apricot Executive could explain how this small difference illustrates the profound cultural divide between East and West, but I have no guesses.

As always, a large selection of dehydrated fish/poultry feet available for your snacking pleasure. I especially like the packaging that is transparent so that you can see the fish strips in the girl's belly. Nice touch.

And who couldn't use some "Brain Stronger Capsules"?

Or perhaps this, er, stuff (?) purported to be "Essence of Chicken with Angelica hide-donkey glue". Sounds delightful, and fits right into the Chinese theory that if it tastes bad, it probably makes you beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I had read in the Wall Street Journal that China was trying to clean up all the sloppy chinese to english translations for the Olympics.

How unfortunate!

jennifer said...

I need some of that "brain strong"!

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