Friday, April 11, 2008

Pipecleaner Parade: Rose!

I realize that every single little girl on earth has already recognized the limitless potential of the flower-as-skirt concept, but I like to think I've brought my own little twist to it here. The flower was a leftover from the corsages I made for our wedding, her pearl brooch is a button and her little shrug is an ivory grosgrain ribbon. Her chapeau is a vintage button adorned with glittery skeleton leaves sent to me by my dear friend Sarah. (When I first saw these leaves I couldn't help but think of Hillary Knight's Cinderella where the stout little fairy godmother asks Cinderella to bring her

"Guinea-fowl feathers, and bottles of blue,
Mothwings and cobwebs sprinkled with dew!
I’ll mix them with berries and sassafras,
And dress you in gossamer with slippers of glass!”

Now doesn't that sound nice? You can see more here.

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