Thursday, April 03, 2008

Imaginative Fodder; Tom Tierney Paper Dolls

I've got nothing against Mickey Mouse or Dora the Explorer. But sometimes I worry that kids that get nothing else end up with a very stunted imaginative life. Half the fun of play is invention. With branded characters (all too often busily employed shilling cookies, tennis shoes and video games), imagination can easily be replaced by a script. Sometimes it seems as if finding non branded toys is a near impossible task. Help is here!

I've already done a post on Dover clip art books, but I didn't mention their huge collection of paper doll books by Tom Tierney. Now here is some fodder for the imagination!

Mr. Tierney has executed an astonishing number of gorgeous paper doll books ranging from Hollywood Film Stars to Egyptian Pharos and Balenciaga Fashion Designs. What fun! I've already ordered a few of these as gifts and a few to keep for myself. Insert the obvious joke about my being too old for dolls, but these are too good to pass up.

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