Thursday, March 27, 2008

Making it Monk Worthy

I've always been a sucker for marbled papers. I especially love how it looks like feathers or curling leaves or churning waves. It always makes me thinks of monks hunched over, busily copying calligraphy onto gold gilded illuminated pages. (How amazing that these men who lived so austerely in their coarse hairy robes could create something like this!) So when I saw this little guy, I thought he needed a little more flair.

I mean, is that a sad interior view, or what?

I got this poster during our trip to Amsterdam last year (it was inside the museum map brochure!)and it matched perfectly. Spray adhesive is brilliant stuff. (There are a few members of my vintage postcard collection...they run the gamut, but I prefer the super mundane ones, like that man posing with the buffalo statue. Its so ordinary and it cracks me up that its been made up into a postcard for other people to buy.)

My hubby won't likely be the one using this frilly thing, but I put his initial on it anyway. I used pages from an old French/English dictionary to make the compass rose.

Add a big 'ole satin ribbon to the spine, and voila! Now it does honor to its marbled paper ancestors.


Beth said...

Is that the world's largest buffalo from Jamestown, ND on that postcard?! Woohoo!

I won't tell you what the Jamestown College kids do regularly to that poor buffalo with a can of neon orange spray paint. Just let your imagination run wild a bit.

Miss B said...

Good eye Beth! It is indeed. I can only imagine the indignities this poor fellow has suffered at the hands of drunken college students.

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