Monday, February 11, 2008

God be with you little plants!

We leave tomorrow for three weeks in the U.S of A. I'm so looking forward to seeing family and friends and buying lots of things that were made in China, sent all the way around the world to be sold the U.S and then wedging them in my suitcase and bringing them back around the world to reunite them with their place of origin. The World is Flat indeed.

I'll probably take a two day blogging hiatus to make the grueling journey from Shenzhen to Scottsdale (with three layovers and 25 hours of travel time, I have a feeling I won't be very chipper for a day or two) but we'll get back in the swing of it soon after.

Hopefully my plants will survive three weeks without me. This time, I've enlisted the help of my friend Ying and I'm quite optimistic. A table full of dead plants isn't exactly a joyous welcome home. They sure look pretty now, don't they?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

See I didn't even realize you were back stateside until you called me back. I didn't understand why you weren't picking up at 11:30pm (my time) but now it makes sense.

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