Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Go Fug Yourself

In my ceaseless prowling of the internet I found a hilarious new alternative to Perez Hilton. Perez is funny and all, but I always come away feeling a little dirty. I have basically forbidden myself to look at it anymore unless some major drama goes down with Miss Spears (Yes, I'm rooting for her and debating whether or not to do a blog post about her antics and why I care...Will you guys still love me if I reveal my Britney fascination? At least I know I'm not the only one...)Go Fug Yourself is the funniest fashion don't blog I've seen. I spent wayyyy too long looking through their archives and their riotous profile page. These girls are catty and horrible, but they are also witty and refreshingly down to earth. Their whole goal is to destroy the fashion myths perpetrated by Hollywood stylists and twenty something starlets. In their own words:

"We like to think of "ugly" as something that refers to an unchangeable condition, but also a condition above which people can rise. Fugly, however, is a self-inflicted state, and no one seems to excel at dwelling in the depths of fug quite like pretty people with money to spare and little sense of how to spend it. Celebrities are always skipping around in public wearing things that are phenomenally perplexing; as these red-carpet dwellers are often considered trendsetters or bastions of Hip Present and Hip Future, we like to take them to task for careless choices. (Of particular concern: whomever got little girls thinking that miniskirts and Ugg boots were a stellar combination.)"

Well amen to that Fug girls. Carry on.

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Anonymous said...

I was going to indict you on your participation in trash culture But I think I'm just as guilty.

I suppose Brittany Spears and celebrity culture is to females as basketball and football are to males.

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