Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Ultimate Robe; Where can a gal find a decent paisley anyway?

Eric's birthday is fast approaching and I've had big plans to do something nice for him this year. He's tough to buy gifts for since he likes to buy electronic gizmos and doesn't really trust me to find a good deal on them. My plan this year is to go with something that I want to see him wearing.

I've long wanted to find a really beautiful robe for him, in a silk paisley. I'm envisioning the robe Audrey Hepburn borrows from Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, or the smoking jacket Clark Gable sports during his honeymoon in Gone with the Wind.

I found one that is a happy marriage of the two at Brooks Brothers (don't you love that quilted collar?), but the $1,200 price tag is a little rich for my blood (and the paisley still isn't quite what I had in mind). Luckily, I can have my tailor whip one up for me...if only I can track down an appropriately masculine, non-hideous paisley. No easy task I'm afraid.

I really like this one, but its an upholstery fabric so I'm not sure if it would work. (Maybe some samples from buyfabrics.com) are in order?).

In my fabric research I stumbled across the lovely website Vintage Textiles. There are some absolutely gorgeous things there, but this shawl really caught my eye. I just love how the muted tones make the oranges and robins egg blues so incredibly brilliant. Now there is an example of color theory in action! So intense and vivid.

For more paisley joy check out this article about the long rich history of paisley. It has been thoroughly mixed up in cultures all around the world, from ancient Persia to Scotland to modern day gangs in L.A. Now if I could just find a few yards for this robe...

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