Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Five Patterns from my Life

Lately I've been working hard on refining my aesthetic with the idea of branding vaguely in the back of my mind. Two of the things that I am consistently drawn to are color and pattern. So I thought I'd share with you five (colorful!) patterns from around our home that I love and live with every day.

1) This crazy bedspread was from Pottery Barn (usually a little too vanilla-ice-cream for my taste) but I had to have this when I saw it. I like how the design is exotic and riotous. For me, it calls up venus fly traps, tropical birds and oriental design all at once. The colors may be feminine, but the pattern isn't if you look closely.

2) These are pajamas by Nick & Nora for Target and they are definitely one of my favorite garments. I've often thoughts that strawberries looked like hearts and this print totally flushes out that idea. (The ghostly hand seems like a touch Magritte would add, don't you agree?)

3)I covered some coffee cans with this great wrapping paper from Old Navy. I just loved the mix of color and line and the fish added a fun asian feel to the whole thing. I scooped up several rolls on clearance this summer in both the electric orange color and the navy blue and am saving them for the perfect project.

4)I've already shown you these, but I'm still really enjoying them so here they are again. This print has really grown on me after living with it. I love the combination of chartreuse, eggplant and tangerine here and the design also incorporates pomegranates, which are definitely one of my favorite images. (Remember the story of Persephone?)

5)I just picked this fabric at a local market because I dug it, no plans for how to use it yet. The salesgirl suggested a skirt, but right now I've got it spread on our kitchen table. The embroidery looks wonderful, I was surprised to realize it had been done with a machine.

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