Friday, January 18, 2008

A Care Package from around the world

The other day we received the nicest surprise; A lovely box of birthday and Christmas goodies from the Taylor family (whom we miss so very much!) It was stuffed full of fabulous treats; a pedicure kit from the decadent Bliss beauty company (which Judy definitely got me hooked on darn her!), magnetic checkers (only wish we'd had 'em on the beach in Thailand) and an explorer kit with some things we've been needing (compass, flashlight binoculars and a thermos so Eric can take his green tea to the office like a real Chinese nine to fiver) but the kicker were these great earrings from Cursive Design (pictured on one of my corkboards with the cool vintage Grenadan stamps I found in Thailand)

I hadn't been wearing earrings much lately since my new shaggy hair covers my ears, but I've been making a special effort to pull it back so I can sport these all around town. I love them! The website is full of fantastic and unique pieces all of which incorporate a lightly starched lace and lots of drape-y chains. I've never seen anything quite like it. That is a huge compliment in and of itself because between etsy, anthropologie and design sponge I'm usually sick of something before it even really gets going (read cupcakes,chandelier silhouettes, parrots and owls). So I hope to see much more of Cursive Design.

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