Monday, December 17, 2007

ReLiveIt Vintage Patio Furniture

I just had to show you these beautifully refurbished 1950's patio chairs by Susan Reader. I think they look and feel totally modern with that crisp new paint. The colors remind me of those multi-colored tin cups my mom used to serve lemonade in. Susan told me she also loves to remodel homes, so it seems that she has a special knack for taking something old and discarded and giving it a whole new life. I never get tired of that!

This one in particular is so architectural! I love the copper with the red and green paint and the green support bar at the base. Gorgeous.

I'm imagining these chairs in the backyard of our little cottage (in my fantasy we have a little pond filled with water lilies and a burbling fountain and lots and lots of peonies, garden roses and poppies) with Eric and I enjoying a nightcap as the sun goes down.

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