Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Accordioniste

I live with a man whose idea of a good time is arranging Bob Dylan songs to play on his accordion. But I'm not complaining. It drowns out the sound of the remodeling going on in the apartment above us (no small feat when the work is being done by six or seven men breaking up marble floors with pick axes) and it certainly makes him happy. We brought this little (but remarkably heavy) accordion to China in a suitcase carefully wedged in with all my clothes and shoes.

He's also been known to do a few Beatles tunes, and just the other day he played me a charming rendition of "Yesterday" that made me swoon a little. Take it from me, accordions have a lot of personality and they can definitely be sweet when they put their mind to it. You just have to watch the fellow behind the Amelie soundtrack to be completely convinced. Here is Yann Tiersen in action.

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