Monday, December 03, 2007

Eric Visits the Caifeng

I know I've mentioned all the beautiful things we are having custom made in China, but only during this last trip to the tailor did I finally remember to snap some pics of the process!

In the States having something custom made is not really affordable for most people, but here in China it is sometimes cheaper than buying something off the rack. For a guy like Eric who can be hard to fit, this is a dream come true. He's been sort of re-thinking his wardrobe a bit and we've had lots of fun bringing our ideas to the tailor and seeing them come together before our eyes.

Eric has recently decided he doesn't want to wear black anymore. Its brown brown brown, blue and grey and more brown. He already has this jacket in a tan color corduroy, so this chocolate one should cover the rest of the spectrum.

The shop we like is run by a husband and wife team from Shanghai. Many of tailors were trained in Shanghai where the sartorial crafts are taken quite seriously. I think I actually annoyed them a little when I asked them to copy those pillows for my office! The next thing I'm toying with having made is a knee length cashmere coat in a shade of deep eggplant. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

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