Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fabulous Bathrobe Joy

I had to show you this gorgeous silk bathrobe I had custom made. I found this incredible red branch coral patterned silk at this crazy fabric shop in Lo Hu. It is quite a claustrophobic place. Each vendor has a stall just packed with things, floor to ceiling, just barely enough room to squeeze between the piles and root around. One lady sells nothing but imported Thai silk in every color you can imagine. Another does lace and there is even a furrier (purple rabbit fur anyone?). Unfortunately you have to bargain for each meter, and I don't yet have a very good handle on how much something ought to cost. I have a feeling there are even better places, this is just the place all the ex-pats go. Can you imagine what else is available?

Anyway, I've never had such a glamorous robe. I feel like Greta Garbo in this thing. I want to have one made for Eric so he can feel like Clark Gable and we can wander around our apartment sipping sherry wearing velvet slippers and having witty banter.

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