Tuesday, October 02, 2007

5 Joys of Flying

1) Your feet swell like hot air balloons filling with air.
2) You choose not to listen to the atrocious looking in flight movie "Next" starring Jessica Biel and Nicolas Cage but find yourself staring at the screen in spite of yourself.(Can someone please tell me what is up with that man's hair? There's just no reason for hair like that, and it is a disturbing trend. Remember Tom Hank's wierd hair in The DaVinci Code? Perhaps there is an direct relationship between the length of an aging actor's hair (often a pathetic attempt to compensate for a thinning top) and the torturousness of the movie they are starring in.)
3) You vow to yourself that you won't eat the sad airline food ("spongey buns decorated with florescent pink toothpaste" as Bridget Jones described it), but once you see the stewardesses rolling thier little carts along, you pop out your tray and stare anxiously at them...as if they are going to miss you!
4) Has anyone else noticed there is no comfrotable temperature on an airplane? Its either roasting or glacial and those little blankets they give you only seem to cover up either your top or bottom half, certainly not both simultaneously.
5) I will say, I love to look out at the clouds and the land from above. And I also have to give thanks for the advances in travel. Certainly there were days when the trip from Hong Kong to Los Angeles took a great deal longer than 15 hours and involved months of seasickness. All in all, I"m counting my blessings.

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david said...

Welcome back to the states and happy anniversary.

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