Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thinking about Trends while pondering my fall wardrobe

I remember reading an interview in Vogue awhile back with one of the major 90's super models (maybe Christie Turlington? Elle McPherson? Linda Evangelista?)about which trends always come back around. I can't remember much else about the article, but I remember her answers:

1) Metallics
2) Animal Prints
3) Western Wear

How right she is (whoever she was...). These things come and go, but when they come, they always manage to look fresh again. If I were adding to the list, I'd say costume jewelery and embroidery of every kind. My main plans for fall include tights tights tights. Its so great to be a stranger in a new city when you are trying out adventurous new outfits...Lots of the girls here wear evening wear to the office and seem to be quite unconcerned by conventional shackles such as color coordinating and dull suits. So many of the women are pin thin, they look stunning in things that would be completely absurd on me, but its fun to see what they are putting together. Many people in the streets of Shenzhen are already staring at me, so I figure I might as well give 'em another reason!

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