Sunday, September 02, 2007

Olympic Fever

We’ve been gearing up for the 2008 Beijing Olympics ‘round here. It seems as though Daddy G and Steve are raring to go, so Eric and I are working on finding us accommodation. No easy task. Even 1 year away, prices are sky high and booked, booked, booked. This seems like an occasion for a travel agent, to be sure. It’s going to be crazy and I am hoping that we can get ourselves sorted out in time.

This is supposed to be China’s coming out party, we are getting very excited about being part of it all. I’ll let you know once we’re set up and I’ll be your personal Men’s Gymnastics Correspondent. That’s the main thing you watch when you’re married to a former gymnast who competed with the Hamm brothers, but fine with me. They are doing some crazy, far out things now and as long as no one is paralyzed, I can’t wait to cheer them on.

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