Saturday, September 29, 2007

Here's to celebrating Anniversaries in two hemispheres!

Tomorrow we leave for the States at 5 am and we'll be traveling for about 20 hours. Eric did the math and this means that thanks to the three time zones we'll be passing through our first wedding anniversary will last 40 hours. I think we'll have to buy some champagne for the plane in the duty free shop ('spose they've only got sad plastic cups in coach though)

Poor Eric has a bit of a cold, so it will be an especially long trip for him. I've packed our suitcases full of Chinese goodies and all our best clothes for the weddings we'll be attending. Eric will be looking especially sharp in his brand new custom made black cashmere suit as well as a pinstriped grey wool one. Both are beautiful, I can't wait to show him off. I have a beaded navy silk chiffon dress with an empire waist and a silk green with ruffles at the neck and hem and I can't really decide which to wear where...decisions decisions.

Also very much looking forward to seeing our family and friends. With a whole month at our disposal we can get good quality time with everyone. Lots of goodies waiting for us at home too, we've been busy ordering things we can't find here in Shenzhen(Splenda, non-weird socks (they seem to favor these strange transparent nylon ones instead of the cotton sport socks we prefer), my favorite Burt's almond hand cream, tapioca pudding and so on and so forth). I'm most excited for our new digital camera, because I've noticed a definite decline in my blogging output without one. I like to illustrate this thing for y'all. Zai Jian for now, catch you in the other hemisphere!

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Beth said...

Welcome back!

Happy Anniversary!

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