Thursday, July 12, 2007

Not so Handy English Phrases

Screwy English is just a fact of life here in Shenzhen. Blame it on unreliable internet translations, pronunciation difficulties, sentence structure, or spelling errors, the end result is always hilarious. Here are some highlights we’ve collected so far:

Facial Mask Instructions:

“The process is very simple. Take a piece on your face, and wait awhile, and then you regain soft skin at the same time the mask will still have an effect of further treatment, such as moisturizing, wiping out unhappy looking skin, especially tightening pore, and help you resolve all kinds of problems of skin and make beauty become true.”

Ah, Beauty become true. Really, what more can one ask of a facial mask?

Menu Description:

“The Ham Species of small Clam Flesh Bureau Expects Powder”

We chose something that was identified with a photograph instead.

Synopsis of “Miami Vice” on DVD cover:

“I must say that loved the trailer. Thought to see a 21st Century of the latter superior to the CGI crap of Stealth. A truly bad film which defines Rob the director he really is, having his mo with “Dragonheart”, but really going down hill from there.”

I really feel prepared for what I’m about to see. Enlightening, you know?

Sure to be much more where this came from!

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