Saturday, June 02, 2007

Goodbye D, Hello Etsy, Welcome Summer...

We said goodbye to Eric's mom today, she's off on her cross country drive back to Minnesota. It was sad to say goodbye since we won't see each other again 'till October, but we had a lovely visit and will be back before too very long. Safe Travels D!

When I first got a myspace account, I spent much more time than I care to admit tweaking the profile and scoping out other people's pages. I had to try to wean myself off of little effect until my internet connection was slowed to a crawl in Africa. I just did the bare essentials online while we were there. Well, it appears that my new online addiction is Etsy. I spent a lot of yesterday making little cards and some new silly paintings and then worked a good part of the day today on posting things in my little store. I was feeling encouraged after my premiere sale (to our good old friend Steve!) and today felt very productive and cheerful. Its all perspective I suppose (and how it shifts from day to day and place to place...)!

I also made a new mix CD of fun summer music and I plan on mailing those to friends in the next week or so. I found these cool labels at evil Michael's (they are from Martha Stewart's new line of party supplies) and they inspired me to assemble music that feels as summery as the bandanna inspired pattern on the labels. All in all, t'was a well spent day.

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