Thursday, May 24, 2007

Diets, China, Etsy...Oh My!

Just enjoying the beautiful weather and writing, editing and doing mandarin lessons. Also dieting. Turns out two months on the road took its toll on our waistlines. We're doing the Atkins thing and are both down a lot, so far so good. We went to Trader Joe's and bought all sorts of fancy cheeses and champagne, (only two carbs in a glass thank heavens!) and I found a really dark chocolate that I can have a tiny piece of at the end of the day. This seems quite doable, since I can still enjoy all of my most favorite things.

We have secured our tickets to China. We're flying out of L.A on the 20th of June, so preparations are in order. The apartment is already lined up and we're going out for anticipatory Dim Sum with Grace (a friend of Greg and Diane's who grew up in Hong Kong). I'm feeling very excited for another adventure, even though it is coming up so soon! Not sure we'll be able to finish editing and writing about Africa in the span of a month, but certainly we can continue that work anywhere in the world.

Other fun news is that I've opened up a little store on Etsy. I'm very excited about it because I can list things as I make them. It seems like it might help motivate me to keep painting etc. Plus, it is really cool to be part of a community of other fabulous artsy/crafty people. I plan on buying all birthday presents etc. there from now on. It benefits the artist and I get something totally unique. Very cool. I'm just constantly blown away by how the internet is revolutionizing everything everything everything.

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david said...

A hop, a skip, and a jump across the peaceful ocean. Have a safe, happy journey and I hope to see you guys soon.

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