Thursday, March 01, 2007

We're back in the first world and it is good to be home.

Eric and I left Kampala last night at midnight and arrived in Brussels this morning at 6:30am. We collected our baggage and glided over to the train station which took us to the middle of the city like clockwork. I've forgotten how easy travel can be! (That is to say, as easy as it can be when you are hauling a vast hiking backpack, a gigantic tripod prone to tripping people up in manner of Three Stooges skit, Eric's accordion style backpack, the monstrously heavy equiptment backpack and my deceptively small pink knapsack...)

We spent the day in a gluttonous rapture of first world joys. We dumped our stuff at our hotel (still too early to check in) had a fantastic capuccino and to die for almond croissant and went out to buy some dress clothes for the European leg of our journey. This was a wonderful treat for me, because after four months of the same eight tops and three bottoms, I was starting to feel like I'd taken a vow of frumpiness or something. We hit H&M and did some damage. Eric got a new blazer and shirt and I got a little black dress, a white button down and ballet flats.

And then we did the most wonderful thing: McDonalds. Oooooh, french fries never tasted so amazing. They were hot, salty, greasy...amazing and drowned in mayonaise. Besides, ordering a big mac in french is always hilarious (insert obvious Pulp Fiction reference here...) Then we came back to the hotel to enjoy the delights of a steaming hot shower that requires no previous thought (in Kampala we had to remember to turn on the hot water heater a half an hour ahead of time...I know, the suffering is unimaginable!) and internet that actually internets. We are blissfully happy just sitting in this hotel room. In an hour or so, I think I'll drag Eric out for some ale. Glorious, glorious ale. Its good to be back (in a city we've never been to.)

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