Friday, February 23, 2007

Ten things that are on my mind...

1) Went to see the Bahai temple here in Kampala. There is one temple on each of the big inhabited continents and now I’ve seen two (the other one is in Wilmette…strange but true). Six more to go.
Watched more Scrubs than any human being should in just three days. The show is funny, but its getting a little ridiculous. We’ve done little else.
Traded in my paperbacks at the only book exchange I could find in Kampala…in a massage parlor called “The Golden Lily”. So, it probably goes without saying that the selection was restricted to chick lit, and “Going Coastal” reads as though it should have been published in installments in Cosmo magazine. Cheesy, flat, cardboard characters meant to appeal to busy women. Which I apparently am not. Hence the constant Scrubs watching and the loathing of this book.
Helen took me to get measured for a custom made dress out of a wild Katanga with a motif of blood red hands and edges of dismembered fingers. I think its gonna look incredible (even if everyone else is vaguely grossed out by it). Plus it only cost ten dollars to have it made. The guys are getting shirts. I mean, ten bucks!
Eric and I are the proud owners of tickets to Brussels on Wednesday.
We both have muscle aches which I suspect is from the Gaborral we are on for the amebiasis, but have been unable to confirm via internet.
Trying to read some essays by Salman Rushdie. Maybe its my attention span that is to blame, (you know, all the Scrubs…) but I’m pretty sure he is the most insufferable, pretentious, ego-maniac of a writer I’ve tried to stomach since graduating from college. (that’s saying a lot since I just finished a Hemingway novel!) Am I alone in this?
Thinking about nothing but the French fries Eric has promised we will encounter in Brussels. (Mayonnaise, mayonnaise, mayonnaise, salt, fried potatoes, salt, mayonnaise. Sweet sweet mayonnaise…)
Oh, that, and all the chocolate shops I’m told exist in Brussels. I can’t go to far into this, or I might start having convulsions.
And the coffee shops and spectacularly fast internet connections that await in Brussels. So, basically, let’s hear it for Brussels!

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Some guy said...

I'm guessing you haven't read Gore Vidal since leaving college. But really, as bad as he is, if you can't find anyone more pretentious than Rushdie, you just aren't trying.

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