Friday, February 09, 2007

Eric has turned to Quasimodo

Eric seems to have contracted a skin infection that has swollen his cheek into his eye and forced it shut. I’m calling him Quasi, but he seems to be in good humor. Since we are living with a doctor and pretty much everyone we’ve been spending time with here in Uganda is a physician, he’s getting very good care. You can just go and buy drugs here. If you’ve got the money, they won’t piffle about things like “prescriptions”. So we just insist on drugs from the U.K or U.S to avoid fraudulent medicine. He’s on an antibiotic and he’s taken to icing his face with a contraption rigged from a sweatband and a dishtowel full of ice. I think his pride is more wounded than anything else. And according to our assortment of doctors, he should be recovered by Monday.

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