Friday, December 22, 2006

A house, fruit bats and beef wellington, what more could a woman ask for?

We are here in Kampala, staying with a friend of Chris. Her name is Linda and she works for the Center for Disease Control in Malaria. We are so happy to have a home again for a few weeks. Packing and unpacking a suitcase gets old in a hurry. Kampala is a wonderful city and we are really glad to be here. Its beautiful warm weather, palm trees and blue skies with rains at night. The trees outside the house are absolutely crawling with giant fruit bats, and they are sort of a noisy bunch. But the grounds are beautiful with lots of lush plants, and we each have our own room and bathroom (with real towels! Those travel ones have aquired an "eau de must")and a big huge kitchen and best of all; a washer and dryer!!! What a wonderful turn of events! And all for free. This will save us a huge chunk of change.

We have a bit of down time now, as many African businesses take a holiday untill after new year. We are going to have a fabulous Christmas Eve dinner at the Emin Pasha hotel (Beef Wellingtons all around and lots of Champagne, of course!) and then celebrate New Year at Bugagali Falls on an island called The Hairy Lemon. Should be quite an adventure. If Eric can get the dial up internet working, I'll try to make an in depth post about all the amazing people we've been talking with. We are learning so much about the disease of Malaria and all the other factors that have conspired to make it such a blight all over this continent. Stay tuned!

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