Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some thoughts on Momentum.

Had another dress fitting (coming along grandly...) The cake is ordered, the invites are out. Still hunting for a unity gong though...The vaccinations are scheduled (though they had to be postponed since I'm still dealing with Montezuma) and the funding is in place for this crazy documentary project. Mr. Chris Kabir has been roped in as our sound man and travel partner and we're working on a rough treatment/screenplay. We've been recording all of our conversations and brainstorming sessions for future reference. I spent the last few days packing up more boxes and shipping them out and cleaning maniacally. Sent invitations for our Bon-Voyage-Selling-All-Our-Earthly-Possessions-Pre-Sale-Party and I suppose what I'm feeling is the momentum of all of this beginning to take over. I'm thrilled as I realize the scale of all of this and the drastic-ness (is that a word? really?) of it. I feel ready, but of course, sad and scared. Last night Maggie and Chris came and we just sat talking, really (just like every time). It was lovely, and I'll miss them and this town so much. It occurred to me that I have no idea how this all got started really. I mean, I remember Eric mentioning that we should take some time to visit Africa, and we talked it over and decided that yes, there was really no better time, and the wheels jarred into motion and now it is barreling down this hill and we are hopping on board, full of hope and anticipation and hanging on for dear life.

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