Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A list of People whose eyes shine when they are talking about thier work. (In no particular order Darlings)

1) Chris Walz, my instructor at the Old Town School of Folk Music when he talks about the day that he met Earl Scruggs. ("He shakes with his left" he says "Doesn't let no ordinary fool touch the money maker!") He looks pretty filled with joy when he's pickin that banjo too.

2) Bill McGlauglin of the radio shows "Exploring Music" and "St. Paul Sunday". I have never seen his eyes in person, and yet I know they are radiating joy because his voice radiates awe and utter amazement as he guides his listeners through the world of music.

3) Sandra Starck, my mentor during my darkest hours in Eau Claire, when talking about Lithography and Intaglio printmaking. She is quiet and soft spoken and she rules the print room with an iron fist, but there is nothing she loves more than mulling ink and soaking paper to run through her antique presses.

4) Mr. Armanetti as he guides you to the perfect wine to complement the pork chop and carmelized potatoes you are roasting for dinner. His cheeks are rosy and flushed with enthusiasm and the glass of wine he just sampled, like a delightful full grown Hobbit.

5) Christine of Dilly Lily fame when she really gets going on the freshest, lushest most divine flowers. She literally reminds me of a little girl romping in a field of wildflowers. Her eyes just shine with the thrill of creating with living things.

6) Matthew Girson, my painting professor at DePaul, when he's talking about Rembrandt or Gerhard Richter. You've never seen eyes light up untill you hear him talk technique in that funny little cap he wears or walked through the Art Institute with him going a mile a minute on those spindly legs of his.

7) Mr. McKeand, the A.P European Civilization teacher at Wayzata High School. No one ever make the middle ages more fascinating, hilarious or memorable. I think he retired the year after I took his class, and I think my mother was a student of his also. He was a wonderful, gruff and charming fellow with white hair and a penchant for plaid shirts and Monty Python films. What's not to love there?

...All this to inspire me as I search for the kind of work that will make my eyes shine with delight and the satisfaction of a lifetime well spent. I will keep this list running, and I'd love suggestions or recollections of others who fit the bill. Signing off.

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