Friday, March 10, 2006

Whats HOT and Whats NOT according to the Fabulous Miss B


1) Roller blading with the B.F by lake Michigan on an incredibly beautiful March Day. (Almost 60 degrees in the middle of winter! What spoiled people we are in Chicago)
2) Eating leftover sour kraut and dumplings and oatmeal cake from the fridge all day.
3) Getting all your pics from the last two years printed and put in an album...Finally!
4) Singing a rousing rendition of "The Wheels on the Bus" with my new Charges and getting paid in CASH CASH CASH baby.
5) Drinking Whiskey and Coke with Kevin and Eric and playing a few hands of Gin before the lucky Kev-man heads off to Acapulco.


5) Doing your taxes on paper and then trying to get them done online and having to re-do them three times and having them still not come out right. So hellishly frustrating! Why did they take away my tele-file? Oh, beloved are gone, but not forgotten.
6) Trying to give your cat pills when she really would much prefer not to take them.
7) When your cat doesn't want to take her pill and utilizes her claws in the effort not to take them.
8) Not getting to go to Acapulco.
9) Having an allergy attack at your new nanny job because of the five, yes, FIVE animals running around shedding hair with every step.
10) Emptying the litter box. That shit was like cement (!).

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