Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Five random things from Today.

1) Today after work I stopped by the dreadful Jewel to pick up some rocky road. Its a personal favorite of mine because of the delightful combination of textures and flavors. Creamy, crunchy, chewy, chocolate-y, marshmallow-ey, nutty, it is ALL goin' on in rocky road. Its got everything a girl could want in an ice cream. So I walk over to the ice cream section, still quivering with anticipation. Low and behold, there has been some sort of run on ice cream because the entire frozen section is EMPTY! There are several explanations. Perhaps everyone on Southport also decided that Tuesday March 28th was a day for eating ice cream, gallons and gallons and gallons of ice cream. Perhaps the freezer broke down and all of the ice cream was steadily melting. (That thought breaks my heart a little bit, because maybe they were giving it away for free since it was going bad...and I missed out!) Perhaps not long before I arrived at the Jewel there were twenty employees with wet vacs knee deep in creamy goo. Perhaps they were re-locating the ice cream section. I searched high and low. Eventually, I decided that it was a sign from the heavens that I really didn't need any ice cream anyway, and I bought flowers instead. Damn, though, I wanted rocky road.

2) Also on the way home I saw a man riding a skateboard and talking on his cell phone. I use the word "Riding" loosely because he was actually being pulled along by his giant german shepherd. It was a ridiculous sight, and I enjoyed it while simultaneously feeling very sorry for this man's dog.

3) The other night our friend Chris (Kabir darlings) told us about this website called http://pandora.com/ and it is so cool. You can create a custom radio station based on a single favorite song. It analyzes it from hundreds of different criteria and comes up with a list of songs you might also enjoy. If one pops up that you don't like, you can tell it so and it will never play it again and also alter your profile to better tailor it to your preferences. Right now it is free. Supposedly if you don't pay the 3 bucks a month commercials will play, but so far we haven't heard any and we're at five hours. I put in "Touch the Hem of His Garment" by Sam Cooke and right now I am listening to "Run to Jesus" by the Meadowlark Singers. Awesome!

4) I must also point out that I have three friends called "Chris". I have my beloved Chris from DePaul (Shreck darlings), my beloved Chris who really belongs to Eric and Germany (Kabir darlings) and Jessica's beloved (and therefore my beloved by proxy and e-mail poetry groups) Chris Larson (he shares my last name darlings) So if you comment on my blog and your name happens to be Chris, please specify which Chris you happen to be. I love having comments, although it always suprises me a bit to know that people can read these things through to the end. It totally makes my day.

5) This morning I got this message on my-space:

hi. this is really random, but is there any chance you were my best friend in 5th grade? like from bethany academy and you lived in bloomington and we swam in your pool and your mom worked at nordstrom and you loved rush limbaugh and i locked you out of my house one time and threatened to make you walk home??!! If not, I'm terribly sorry to have bothered you, but i had to ask.

Okay, but here's the funny part. It totally was me! Can you believe there was a time when I went to private school and loved Rush Limbaugh??? So sick, so twisted, so true. (I don't remember her locking me out of her house though...) What a great reminder of how life changes us and how we change ourselves. Signing off now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i've left all of the "chris" comments thus far, i believe.

thanks so much for that charming phone message. you guys really went all out for my birthday, and i truly, truly appreciate it.

rush limbaugh?!

ah well...none of us are without the embarrassing bits of our past. i have the first three korn records, you know.

-chris s.

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