Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Whats HOT and Whats NOT according to the Fabulous Miss B


1) Bluegrass Banjo and finger lickin good pickin!

Making Meringue with my boyfriend
(it uses up 8 whole eggs! 2 more cartons to go!)

3) Obsessively checking my new my space account and learning the wit of the web

4) Bill McGlaughlin's show "Exploring Music" on public radio. I dare you to show me a man who is more charming and enthusiastic about anything...

5) The upcoming "Snakes on A Plane"...you see there are these snakes, and they are on board a plane! Get it?? Go to IMDB.com for more details.


1) Jessica is gone away again.

2) Anorexic/Drug Addicted celebrities wearing gigantic sunglasses that threaten to swallow their entire countenances

3) Cats who puke on every rug in the house (quite a feat when there are only three!)

4) Folding laundry!

5) Faxing resumes all over town at two bucks a pop. Kinkos is decidedly NOT HOT.

1 comment:

Miss B said...

I would like to comment on your blog which I have been enjoying. Since I myself am not a "blogger" I can only write you a simple email.
-First of all if I happened to bump into Eric on the el it would not at all seem odd to me if he were carrying several dozen eggs. People do stranger things on the el. Like the old guy I sat across from one day that appeared to have wet himself and then proceeded to poke himself all over his legs with a safety pin and wince in pain. STUPID!
- I like the idea of anorexic celebrities wearing sunglasses that are so large that they resemble a bathing suit top. I mean who wants to look at Nicole Ritchie anyways. There is absolutely no reason for her to be famous. This is what I was thinking about today. I think American "pop culture" if you will is very sad on many levels...I mean most of these people are idiots so why do so many people worship them and track their every move?
-I hope you are having a great time strumming on your banjo! You are too funny!!!!!


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